Written by Geoff   

Today I am an accomplished video editor and image manipulator, or so my peers tell me, but it hasn’t always

been that way. It all started when I was born in, Birmingham, England more than fifty years ago, not the

best start in life. Birmingham is renowned for being dull and boring.


I was lucky enough to have my teen years as a musician during a rare furtive age in Birmingham history;

the hard rock days in the ‘70s, when Birmingham was responsible for boys that grew up to make Ozzy

Osbourne and Black Sabbath, Judas Priest, The Move, the Electric Light Orchestra, The Moody Blues,

Duran Duran, Dexy’s Midnight Runners, Nigel Kennedy and if we stretch to the black country boundaries

we can include the giants Led Zeppelin, all of which I have bumped into over the years. My own band,

Ricochet, were a major light (Midas) in the New Wave of British Heavy Metal Movement (NWOBHM) and

even today I get requests for the early recordings and artwork I did for the band.


I have had huge highs in my life, such as writing a song for Lou Dalgeish that was in the top ten in the

Japanese charts, I but have had some horrid lows, such as my mother dying in my arms or living with a

bunny boiler girlfriend that would make Glenn Close look sane.


All these rich life experiences I have lived have helped me with my internal visions of human compassion

and tragedy, something that will always be on the edge of my work.


For my early days at Bourneville (home of Cadbury’s) art college, to my time touring with in a rock band

in Germany, I have always been artistic. Like then, I now make my living from creative works. But now

forty years on I ply my trade on the Internet, which means there will be a record of my work in perpetuity

as my asset catalogue grows each day as new commission come to me. A bus pass used to get me to the

Bull Ring on a Saturday morning, now I can get to any city in the world any time I want, for less than the

cost of a bus pass.


As a one man show I may take a little bit more time than a ‘production line’ design house, but I will deliver

you something unique and special and at a fraction of the cost.


If you want to know more contact me:

email: info at - if you are in the UK 0121-605-7162

Look at the samples of my work on the left, but if you can't be bothered, here's something I did earlier.......